english title The Funeral of the Shy
directed by Joost van Hezik
written by Ellen Parren, Jan-Paul Buijs
in co-production with NTR
genre absurdist drama
language Dutch
duration 10 minutes
release September 2017
De Begrafenis van de Verlegen Mens

One day, at the same time and all of a sudden, all shy people drop dead. De Begrafenis van de Verlegen Mens shows how a small town organizes a ceremony for its deceased residents. A large group of people attend the service and is more than happy to say a few words…

Jan-Paul Buijs
Carla Hardy
Nyncke Beekhuyzen
Eelco Smits
Thomas Spijkerman
Festivals & Awards
Netherlands Film Festival, 2017Golden Calf Competition
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director Joost van Hezik
scenario Ellen Parren, Jan-Paul Buijs
director of photography Robbie van Brussel, NSC
production design Nelli Bodt, Janne Sterke
costume Nedda Nagel
hair & make-up Judith van Belle
sound Job Michel
first assistant director Erik Glijnis
line producer Michelle Hoekstra
sound design Tijn Hazen
editor Lot Rossmark
composer Wilko Sterke
titles & postdesign Joost de Haas
coproducer NTR - MARINA BLOK
creative producer Layla Meijman
producer Pupkin – Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers