directed by Theo Maassen
written by Sander van Opzeeland, Theo Maassen
in co-production with NTR
genre comedy
language Dutch
duration 90 minutes
release 2018

A comedy about the famous ventriloquist Gerard de Groot and his immensely popular puppet Billy. Gerard and Billy are involved in a deep relationship crisis when they fall in love. With two different women.

Bruno Vanden Broecke
Christine de Boer
Ellen Parren
Jan-Paul Buijs
Ruben van der Meer
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director Theo Maassen
scenario Sander van Opzeeland, Theo Maassen
director of photography Guido van Gennep, NSC
production design Alfred Schaaf
casting KEMNA CASTING - Job Castelijn, Shanti Besseling
costume Minke Lunter
make-up Evalotte Oosterop
first assistant director Wouter Severijn
line producer Marion Welmers
sound Jos ten Klooster
sound Design Helle Willemstein
editor Bas Icke, NCE
composer Stuurbaard Bakkebaard
coproducer NTR - Marina Blok
producer Pupkin – Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten