directed by André van Duren
written by Sophie van de Pol
script coach Paul Jan Nelissen
in co-production with Elbe Stevens Films
genre drama
language Dutch
duration 115 minutes
release TBA

A universal story about loyalty, self-worth, family, togetherness and music.

Limburg, 1973. Amid the closing of the mines, widower SJEF (46) fights for the survival of the coal mine ‘Julia’ and the brass band of the same name, where he serves as chairman. This makes him clash with his youngest son WIEL (19), a talented trumpet player who wants to leave Limburg to pursue a career in music. When Sjef takes an unacceptable risk, bringing the life of Wiel’s brother TJEU (21) in danger, both father and son turn against each other. The externally imposed transition that Limburg goes through, forces each of them to make an irreversible choice between loyalty and self-interest.