directed by Margien Rogaar
written by Tijs van Marle (in collaboration with Margien Rogaar)
in co-production with NTR – Marina Blok
genre family
language Dutch
duration 83 minutes
release 2011
Bon Voyage

When grandfather Bob is seriously ill, the Verbeek family cancel their holiday to France. During the summer they spend at home, they have to come to terms with a grandfather who ignores his own illness. The members of the family each find their own particular way of coping with mortality in a film about love, friendship, family and letting go.

Anneke Blok
Reinout Bussemaker
Mirre Balke
Casper van Rijnberk
Scyler Eijgermans
Hans Croiset
Festivals & Awards
EU Film Festival, Kurdistan 2016
Skip City International Cinema Festival, Japan 2012
Mill Valley International Film Festival, USA 2011
Cinekid, the Netherlands 2011
Netherlands Film Festival, 2011
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director Margien rogaar
scenario Tijs van Marle, in collaboration with Margien Rogaar
director of photography Sal Kroonenberg, NSC
production design Gerard Looman
casting Kemna Casting
costume Bho Roosterman
make-up Pur Thijs
line producer Manon van Melick
sound Jos ten Klooster
sound design Marc Lizier
editor Elsbeth Kasteel
composer Rik Elstgeest, David Corel, Bo Koek
coproducer NTR - Marina Blok
producer Pupkin – Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers