english title The Beatrix Years
directed by Eddy Terstall, Martin Koolhoven, Paula van der Oest, Antoinette Beumer, Erik Wünsch
written by Eddy Terstall, Erik Wünsch
in co-production with AVROTROS
genre historical drama
language Dutch, Indonesian, Arabic
duration 12 x 50 minutes
release TBA
De Beatrixjaren

In this fiction series we follow the lives of multiple characters from varoius layers of Dutch society from the 30th of April 1980 to the 30th of April 2013: the reign of Queen Beatrix. 

We see how the Netherlands changed through the lives of our main characters and their families. We see how the Netherlands transformed from a welfare state that was taken for granted, to a country that learned to live without most of the things that were taken for granted.