written by Willem Bosch
directed by Michiel van Erp
Internationals sales & distributor Viaplay Group
Broadcaster CANAL+
genre crime
language dutch
duration 6 x 50 minutes
release 12 september 2024
The Hunt

Inspired by a true crime that gripped a whole nation for more than a decade.
In the spring of 1999, the body of a 16-year-old girl was found on the outskirts of a small village in The Netherlands, next to an asylum seekers' center.
‘The Hunt’ depicts how the long and frustrating search for the perpetrator confronted the inhabitants and asylum seekers of this little Dutch town with xenophobia, racism, and bizarre and persistent conspiracy theories, fueled by social media.
The crime remained unsolved for more than 12 years, until an unprecedented use of a large-scale DNA investigation finally solved the case.

Aus Greidanus Jr.
Hans Kesting
Eefje Paddenburg
Gijs Blom
Imanuelle Grives
Richelle Plantinga
directed by Michiel van Erp
written by Willem Bosch
line producer Jennifer Jones
Casting Post Castelijn
DOP Sam du Pon, NSC
production design Vincent de Pater
Sound Hein Verhoeve & Simone Galavasi
costume Manon Blom
Hair & make-up design Mariël Hoevenaars
editor Bas Icke, NCE & Elsbeth Kasteel, NCE
sound design Nardi van Dijk
composer Rutger Reinders