english title Spooky
directed by various directors
written by various writers
in co-production with VPRO Youth
format TV series
language Dutch
duration 9 x 25 minutes
release 2016
sales agent Dutch Features

In nine stand alone episodes Eng offers a broad range of creepy, frightening stories about brave children and the fears they have to overcome. 
A gripping series that will keep 9 to 12 year-olds on the edge of their seats

Each stand-alone episode has its own writer and director.

Festivals & Awards
Lucas International Childrens Festival, Germany 2017Best Short Film 13+ - Mister Coconut (Margien Rogaar)
Cinema in Sneakers, Poland 2017
Cinekid, the Netherlands 2016
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director Alicia Breton Ferrer, Aniëlle Webster, David Lammers, Ena Sendijarevic, Willem Bosch, Margien Rogaar, Michiel ten Horn, Thomas Korthals Altes, Simone van Dusseldorp
scenario Jeroen Margry, Don Duyns, Jaap Peter Enderlé, Denise Han, Jaqueline Epskamp, Roos-Marijn Roos Rosa de Carvalho, Tijs van Marle, Willem Bosch, Anne Barnhoorn, Martijn Hillenius, Lineke van den Boezem, Jolein Laarman
director of photography Robbie van Brussel, NSC - Aage Hollander, NSC - Ton Peters, NSC - Emo Weemhof - Rutger Storm - Sal Kroonenberg, NSC -Lennert Hillege, NSC
production design Robotsky
sound design Firma Hele Willemstein
editor Bas Icke, NCE - Jasper Quispel, NCE, Lot Rossmark, Elsbeth Kasteel, NCE, Mieneke Kramer
editor in chief VPRO Anna van der Staak
creative producer nathalie van der burg
producer Pupkin – Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers