directed by Lourens Blok, Remy van Heugten, Anne de Clerq
written by Willem Bosch, Michael Leendertse
in co-production with BNN
genre Drama
language Dutch
duration 30 x 25 minutes
release 2010 - 2013

What price do you have to pay to belong? A fine career lies ahead of you but first you have to enter into a tight union that seems to revolve around sex and liquor. A fraternity that rags freshers and that looks down on outsiders. The rough and thrilling series 'Freshers' is situated in a fraternity. A ragging that gets completely out of hand forever changes the lives of a couple of young students.

Manuel Broekman
Tim Murck
Hanna Verboom
Ruben Brinkman
Anna Speller
Jurjen van Loon
Pepijn Schoneveld
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director Lourens Blok, Remy van Heugten, Anne de Clerq
scenario Willem Bosch & Michael Leendertse
director of photography Jacco van Ree
production design Mares Thomassen, Paula Loos, Florian Legters
casting Kemna Casting
costume Martina Fehmer
make-up Esther Claus
line producer Wynand Chocolaad, Ben Bouwmeester
sound design Bart Jilesen, Warnier Posta
editor Jef Hertoghs, Wouter van Luijn
coproducer BNN - Mark Furstner
producer Pupkin – Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten