english title Growth
directed by Albert ter Heerdt & TBA
written by Anne Hofhuis & Albert ter Heerdt
in co-production with EO
genre drama
language Dutch
duration 10 x 50 minutes
release TBA

Between 1988 and 1990 the border-district between Limburg (the Netherlands), Belgium and Germany is plagued by a series of bloody attacks in name of the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army. A car-bomb in Dusseldorf: 4 casualties. A liquidation in Oostende: two casualties. In Roermond and Nieuw Bergen (both cities in Limburg): two casualties. CEES VERHAGEN is a born and bred Limburger. After serving in the Marines aboard a sub he is making his way to the top of the Police-corps as an ‘intel-man’ in the Hague. The attacks in his home-region hit him hard. The same goes for the mess the Secret Service and Police seem to be making. For months Cees has been pushing his chief for a specialized IRA-desk located in Limburg. A taskforce with himself at it’s head that can streamline the collaboration between the different countries. So they can finally end these pointless acts of violence. A man with quite a bit of sway, Cees now finally gets what he wants.