written and directed by Pieter Kuijpers
in co-production with BNNVARA
genre Thriller
language Dutch
duration 90 minutes
release 2022

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, two Babyboomers are raided by a masked young man in their beautiful renovated-old-factory home. The old couple hopes, by fully cooperating with the robber, that everything will work out just fine. But that is not going to happen. It turns out the invader is an aggressive right-wing Extremist. He is not after money or goods, but after ‘revenge for the left-wing, soft and failed upbringing of their son’. Soon it appears that their son, an ex-student without a job, is the mastermind behind this robbery. He is able to watch the situation unfold live, in his own little apartment, through the CCTV-anti-burglary system of his parents’ home. Can the 70-year old couple convince their son to come over and stop the ruthless extremist, or have they indeed raised their son so "wrongly" that he has really fallen prey to the right-wing ideology, and they must pay for it with their own lives?