english title Lampie and the children of the sea
written by Mieke de Jong
directed by Margien Rogaar
format series
language Dutch
duration 4 x 40 min
release 2022
Lampie and the childeren of the sea

This rich and layered fairy-tale adventure tells the story of Lampie, the the lighthouse-keeper’s daughter, who must climb sixty-one steps to light the lantern every evening and warn ships away from the rocks. One night, in the midst of a terrible storm, she discovers that her matches have run out... Disaster strikes, and an adventure begins. 

Lotte Jonker
Manu Gunning
Gijs Naber
Meral Polat
Els Dottermans
Christopher van Duijn
director Margien Rogaar
writer Mieke de Jong
a book by Annet Schaap
co-producer Martien Vlietman and Pita de Leeuw
line producer Marion Welmers
director of photography Robbie van Brussel
production designer Barbara Westra
costume designer Rebekka Wörmann
casting childeren Martha Mojet
casting extras Marina Wijn
hair & make-up artist Renee Wijnhoven
editor Sander Vos
sound designer Marc Lizier
score composer Rik Elstgeest