english title Rudy’s Crazy Christmas Show
written by Luuk van Bemmelen & Martijn Hillenius
directed by Anna van der Heide
in co-production with VPRO Youth
format TV series
language Dutch
duration 20 x 10 minutes
release December 2020
Rudy's Grote Kerstshow

When Rudy, a popular child pop star, is accidentally kidnapped by the parents of the seriously ill Sara, his family pulls out all the stops to find him. However, during the run-up to Christmas a bond grows between Rudy and Sara that makes Rudy doubtful about whether he wants to return to his old life in the spotlights.

Kylian de Pagter-Colin
Noëlle Simson
Ferdi Stofmeel
Jasmine Sendar
Ruben van der Meer
Nadja Hüpscher
director Anna van der Heide, Nicole van Kilsdonk
creative director Anna van der Heide
director of photography Bert Pot, NSC
production design Harry Ammerlaan
casting Madelief Blanken & Job Castelijn
costume Tessa Teixera de Mattos
make-up Francoise Mol
first assistent director Sander Donker
line producer Juri Keuter
composer Fons Merkies
sound design Jan Willem van den Brink
editor Michiel Reichwein, NCE
coproducer VPRO Youth
creative producer Nathalie van der Burg
producer Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers
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