english title Penguins and pastry
directed by Tallulah H. Schwab
written by Lineke van den Boezem
in co-production with VPRO Youth
format TV series
language DUTCH
duration 8 x 25 minutes
release 2014
sales agent Dutch Features

This series is an ode to love and imagination. Eight-year-old Kadir wants to be a polar explorer when he grows up. He knows everything about penguins and has an indestructible perseverance. 

“A bittersweet finger licking adventure“

His father Umut is the best pastry chef in the world, but since the death of his wife he is miserable. Kadir pulls out all the stops to make him happy again. After father and son move to a village where nobody cares about Umut’s delightful pastry, Kadir knows just what to do: everybody needs cake.

Harvey Elgood
Gürkan Kücüksentürk
Eefje Kruijtzer
Daniel Verbaan
Eric Corton
Anniek Pheifer
Festivals & Awards
Cinema in Sneakers, Poland 2017
International Emmy Kids Awards, Cannes 2016Nominated for Best Kids Series
Netherlands Film Festival, 2015Nominated for Best TV Drama
Cinekid, Netherlands 2015Nominated for 'Kinderkast' Jury Prize
Television Images, the Netherlands 2015Nominated for Best Dutch Youth TV Award
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director Tallulah H. Schwab
scenario Lineke van den Boezem
director of photography Menno Westendorp, NSC
production design Jan Rutgers
casting oi mundo - rebecca van unen, gwen maduro
costume Alette kraan
make-up brigitte pleijzier
first assistant director DIRK ACHTEN, PIETER VEENHOF
line producer MARLIES VAN REE
sound Kees de Groot, Jac Vleeshouwers
sound design peter flamman
editor Annelies van Woerden, NCE
composer Fay Lovsky, Jorrit Kleijnen, Alexander Reumers
coproducer vpro youth - anna van der staak
producer Pupkin – Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers