english title Godforsaken
directed by various directors
written by various writers
in co-production with BNN-VARA
genre crime
language Dutch
duration 3 season 25 x 50 minutes
release 2012 - 2017
sales agent Dutch Features
Van God Los

What drives a person to harm someone else? And how does a person fall victim to a horrifying crime?

Van God Los is an exhilarating drama series. Each episode tells a story that is inspired by real criminal cases, involving young people, told from the perspective of both the perpetrator and the victim. Van God Los invites the viewers to judge for themselves: it is the intention of the makers to confuse and disrupt the audience, to test their prejudices and to disprove assumptions.

Each stand-alone episode has its own writer and director.

Festivals & Awards
Netherlands Film Festival, 2017Golden Calf competition
Netherlands Film Festival, 2013Nominated for Best TV Drama
Nipkow, the Netherlands 2012Honourable Mention
Netherlands Film Festival, 2011Nominated for Best TV Drama
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