title Ares
written by Winchester Mcfly
directed by Giancarlo Sánchez & Michiel ten Horn
in co-production with Netflix
genre coming of age mixed with horror
language dutch
duration 8 x 30 min
released 2020

Netflix commissioned Pupkin to produce their first ever Dutch Netflix Original Series.

Some rules are not meant to be broken. In the liberal 17th century city of Amsterdam, a group of students have it all: youth, wealth, sex, power...and the portal to a demonic world from the Dutch Golden Age they opened by accident.

Jade Olieberg
Lisa Smit
Tobias Kersloot
Rifka Lodeizen
Hans Kesting
Robin Boissevain
Frieda Barnhard
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writer Winchester Mcfly
director Giancarlo Sánchez & Michiel ten Horn
director of photography Stephan Polman, Joris Kerbosch
production design Genaro Rosato
casting Post Castelijn Casting
costume Minke Lunter, Rebekka Wormann
hair & make-up Evalotte Oosterop
line producer Steven Berendsen
sound Simone Galavazi
sound design Marco Vermaas
music Djurre de Haan, Jesper Ankarfeldt
editor Herman P Koerts
creative producer Felix van Gisbergen
coproducer Netflix
producer Pupkin – Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten