english title Bellicher: the Power of Mr. Miller
directed by David Lammers, Peter de Baan
written by Edward Stelder, Pieter Kuijpers
in co-production with VPRO
genre thriller
language Dutch
duration 4 x 50 minutes
release 2010
sales agent Dutch Features
Bellicher: de Macht van Meneer Miller

After the murder of a female colleague, communications consultant Michael Bellicher discovers she was on the trail of a terrifying conspiracy. The Miller Network is a group of powerful fundamentalist christians engaged in large-scale falsification of information with the aim of unleashing a civil war against muslims.

When Michael himself is suspected of the murder, he goes on the run. With the police and Huib Breger, the Miller Network’s assassin, hot on his heels, Michael makes a frantic bid to unmask the conspiracy.

And he has to move fast… the EU is about to unleash its first repressive action against the muslim community.

Daan Schuurmans
Anna Drijver
Theo Maassen
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director David Lammers, Peter de Baan
scenario Edward Stelder, Pieter Kuijpers
director of photography Lennert Hillege
production design Elsje de Bruijn
casting Kemna Casting – Marc de Bree, Shira Halevi
costume Marcel Moerel, Bho Roosterman-Vroegen
make-up Carolina Leenders
first assistant director Anne van Dongen
line producer Manon van Melick
sound Marten Negenman, Jos ten Klooster
sound design Herman Pieëte
coproducer VPRO - JOOST DE WOLF
producer Pupkin – Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten