directed by Eché Janga
written by Oscar van Woensel, Wouter Laumans
in co-production with AVROTROS
genre crime
language Dutch
duration 95 minutes
release january 2020

When Gerben Kooistra, a liberal from the north of Holland, is appointed as the new mayor of a small southern village he starts a battle against a big local criminal called ‘Grandpa’ Jantje. Gerben's mission is harder then he anticipated. Crime is everywhere in this seemingly innocent small town and his political mission slowly turns into a dangerous obsession. 

Tibor Lukacs
Daniel van Wijk
Bart Slegers
Marieke Groenedijk
Mike Weerts
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director Eché Janga
scenario Oscar van Woensel, Wouter Laumans
director of photography Gregg Telussa
production design Ida Doodeman
casting Post Castelijn Casting
costume Rebekka Wormann
make-up Francoise Mol
first assistant director Aaron van Valen
line producer Juri Keuter
composer Christiaan Verbeek
sound design Michaël Sauvage
editor Bas Icke
coproducer AVROTROS - Mylène Verdurmen
creative producer Felix van Gisbergen
producer Pupkin – Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten