written by Willem Bosch
in co-production with VPRO
genre historical thriller (based on a true story)
language Dutch
duration 4 x 50 minutes
release TBA
The Spectacular

From 1988 to 1990 the borderland of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is plagued by a series of bloody attacks in the name of the IRA, the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army. A car bomb in Dusseldorf: 4 casualties. A liquidation in Oostende: two casualties. In the Dutch towns Roermond and Nieuw Bergen: two casualties. Cees Verhagen - born and bread in the Southern Dutch province of Limburg - is on his way to the top of the police force in The Hague as an intelligence specialist after having served on board a submarine in the Dutch navy. The attacks in his home region hit him hard, as does same the mess the Secret Service and the police seem to be making. For months Cees has been pushing his chief for a specialized IRA desk in Limburg. A taskforce headed by himself could streamline the collaboration between the different countries in order to finally end these pointless acts of violence. As a man with quite a bit of influence, Cees now finally gets what he wants.