written by Anjali Taneja, Liesbeth Strik
directed by Johan Timmers
in co-production with KRO-NCRV
genre dramady
language Dutch
duration 6 x 50 minutes
release march 28th 2021
Hoe mijn keurige ouders in de bak belandden

The series tell the story of Daniel and Kim Winkelman. Together with their teenagers Lizzy and Max and their almost-teen Lou they form a perfect family. Until Daniel suddenly drops a bomb by announcing that he wants to divorce. Why didn’t he say anything? Does he have someone else? In full force Kim tries to save their marriage, but it is already too late for Daniel. The mutual accusations become more and more false. Daniel and Kim end up in a bitter divorce, where they completely lose sight of their children. Lizzy, Max and Lou pull out all the stops, trying to stop their parents’ ongoing battle.

Anniek Pheifer
Guy Clemens
Louise Radder
Mingus Claessen
Rebecca de Nooijer
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director Johan Timmers
scenario Liesbeth Strik & Anjali Taneja
director of photography Josje van Erkel & Tjitte Jan Nieuwkoop
production design Bram Doyer
casting Post Castelijn & Elske's kast
costume Suzanne Eldering
make-up Marjon Hoogendoorn
line producer Jennifer Jones
composer Herman Witkam
sound design Hein Verhoeven
editor Elsbeth Kasteel
co-producer KRO-NCRV
creative producer Aster Reinboud & Felix van Gisbergen
producer Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten