directed by Rob Hodselmans, Lex Uiting, Pieter Kuijpers
in co-production with BNN-VARA
format documentary
language Dutch, Limburg's dialect
duration 50 minutes
release 2018
Nao 't Zuuje

Carnival is important in the southern part of the country. However, it faces prejudices: extensive drinking, vomiting, debauchery and dancing to horrible music. But ‘Vastelaovend’ (the Limburg carnival) is something completely different: it connects all different kinds of people, enabling them to fraternize. It is an outlet as well as a moment of self-reflection in a setting of celebration, melancholy and emotion. The documentary Nao 't Zuuje offers an insight into the ‘Vasteloavend’ celebration and what it means for the Limburg community.