Sheila versus the State
directed by Stijn Bouma
in co-production with HUMAN
language Dutch
duration 58 min
release november 2023

As a victim of the Dutch 'Child Benefits Scandal,' Sheila (44) is involved in a bureaucratic struggle for compensation. Sheila was falsely accused of fraud by the Tax Authority, resulting in many debts and consequently, poverty. Due to this political injustice, she is still confronted with the daily major consequences. Yet, she is doing everything in her power to give her daughter Farah (7) a better future. However, demand letters for payment keep piling up and Sheila is not making any progress in receiving compensation. Together with her family, she tries to make the most out of life, but unprocessed trauma and stress take their toll. Sheila becomes increasingly ill, and the question arises how long she has left.