written by various writers
directed by various directors
in co-production with BNNVARA
genre drama
language Dutch
duration 2 seasons 12 x 25 minutes
release 2021 - 2022
The Call

Every day, four 112 dispatchers deal with phone calls that are far from ordinary. Calls you never hope to make in your life, but which are every day’s business for the dispatchers. Always starting with that same, routine question: “what’s your emergency?” which spreads out into a web of possibilities and questions that can go in any direction. Everyone can get in trouble, however unexpected or extraordinary. In THE CALL, the dispatchers are confronted with the most exceptional emergencies, which they have to handle under great pressure. Each in their own way, leaving their own problems and cultural beliefs behind, even though these can still seep through during these unusual calls. From the perspectives of the emergency dispatch center and the caller, decisions are made on the spot that can mean the difference between life and death.

Melody Klaver
Jenny Mijnhijmer
Joris Smit
Kiefer Zwart
Mohammed Elouardani
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