english title sum of histories
written & directed by LuKAS BOSSUYT
in co-production with Caviar - Frank Van Passel, Ivy Vanhaecke
language FLEMISH
duration 90 MINUTES
release 2015
sales agent MEDIA LUNA
Terug naar Morgen

The famous scientist Victor lives a happy life with his wife Lena, despite a tragic childhood accident. One day Victor makes a groundbreaking discovery with his enthusiastic assistant Titus. They find a way to send emails to the past. Viktor’s desire to change Lena’s past becomes irrepressible and he presses 'send'. But the past can't be changed without consequences, no matter how small the alteration… A surprising love story about how we are responsible for our own happiness, about fate, coincidence… and about pressing ‘send’ too quickly.

Matteo Simoni
Koen de Graeve
Robrecht van den Thoren
Karina Smulders
Charlotte Anne Bongaerts
Bart Hollanders
Festivals & Awards
World Film Festival, Canada 2015
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director Lukas Bossuyt
scenario Lukas Bossuyt
director of photography Stijn van der Veken, ASC, SBC
production design Max van Essche
costume vanesse evrard
hair & make-up marie brabant
executive producer karin s. de boer
sound leo franssen
sound design marc lizier, paul gies
editor philippe ravoet
composer jorrit kleijnen, alexander reumers
producer Caviar - Frank Van Passel, Ivy Vanhaecke
co-producer Pupkin – Pieter Kuijpers
, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten