written by Willem Bosch, Amira Duynhouwer, Ashar Medina, Saar Ponsioen
directed by Willem Bosch & Aniëlle Webster
showrunners Willem Bosch & Pieter Kuijpers
in co-production with Disney+
genre true crime
language Dutch
duration 8 episodes
release 2024
based on the book by Simon de Waal

“Nemesis” is a conspiracy thriller about financial crimes and tax evasion among the highest levels of the Dutch business community: a shadow world of shell companies and dead-end paper trails. Sylvia van Maele, public prosecutor in The Hague, and Lars van Deurnen, detective at the Dutch Revenue Service FIOD, follow money trails and investigate hitjobs in search of criminals. At every turn, they are confronted with a merciless elite that wants to maintain its wealth and power at all costs. When the lines between Sylvia’s work and her private life start to blur, it won’t take long before she realizes that the rules and practices that make her work impossible are put in place for a reason. She will need to learn to trust her intuition in order to survive, even if that means standing up against those she trusts the most.

Lies Visschedijk
Peter Blok
Florian Regtien
Jade Olieberg
Romana Vrede
Bram Suijker
Chris Peters