written by TBA
directed by TBA
showrunners Willem Bosch & Pieter Kuijpers
in co-production with Disney+
genre true crime
language Dutch
duration 8 episodes
release TBA
based on the book by Simon de Waal

Nemesis is a police thriller about Public Prosecutor Sylvia van Maele who, after a brutal murder of a key witness in her own house, decides to take matters into her own hands. With an underground team of detectives, she opens the hunt for a group of international criminals who until then have remained out of reach of the law. “Nemesis” takes place in 2022, where police and government no longer seem to be able to cope with international crime. Tax evasion and limited regulation make it increasingly difficult to distinguish between criminal gangs and multinationals. A psychological thriller about a woman in a world of men who have been supporting each other for too long now.